Role of Banks in Promoting Financial Literacy among Agripreneurs in Assam, India.


  • Purnima Newar Purnima Newar Tezpur University
  • Dr. Anjan Bhuyan


Agripreneurs, Banks, Financial Literacy, Problems, Assam, India


This paper examined financial literacy services provided by banks to agripreneurs and the associated problems. Participants were 500 agripreneurs and 250 bank managers, selected using a multi-stage sampling design in Assam, a north-eastern state of India. The result showed that out of 19 identified variables of financial literacy services, the degree of awareness of agripreneurs by banks is marked very low in 17 variables. In 7-point rating scale, average score of lack of manpower, difficulty in reaching the target group and poor coverage of topics was more than 3.5 which categorised them as major hindrances in conducting Financial Literacy Programme (FLP), particularly for agripreneurs. However, consideration of both organisational and operational approaches is suggested for better implementation of FLP for agripreneurs.

Author Biography

Dr. Anjan Bhuyan

Associate ProfessorDeputy Coordinator, MTTM ProgrammeDeputy Coordinator, UGC-SAP DRS IIDepartment of Business AdministrationTezpur University, Assam, INDIA


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