About Us


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Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria came into being in January 1992 as a result of a meeting of selected extension professionals held at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. The Society was established to provide opportunity for extension professionals, academics and practitioners to work together for the purpose of facilitating the development and practice of agricultural extension in Nigeria.

Aims and Objectives

The society was established to promote the development of Agricultural Extension profession; its research and practice in Nigeria, for the benefit of human race. This is expected to be achieved through:

  • upholding the educational needs of the farming community for increased productivity and better living;
  •  helping government to formulate and adopt policies and programs pertaining to development of extension profession;
  •  advising governments for effective operation of agricultural extension services as its educational arm for agricultural development;
  • holding seminars, conferences, workshops and such other activities related to agricultural extension;
  • publishing periodicals, journals and other literatures pertaining to agricultural extension;
  • upholding the dignity, status and honour of the agricultural extension professional and its members, and creating cordial relationships among them;
  • providing recognition to the accomplished professional for their significant contribution to the profession;
  • maintaining liaison with agricultural extension and related organisations in and outside the country; and
  •  engaging in such other activities as are conductive to the betterment of agricultural extension profession and its members.