AESON is a professional association of all practitioners in agricultural extension. From inception in 1992, AESON has facilitated sharing of ideas among staff of agencies implementing agricultural extension and related programmes (public, private, donors, banks, NGOs, national agricultural research institutes (NARIs) federal, state, local government agricultural parastatal. farmers, lecturers, and students. AESON collaborates with all stakeholders in agricultural extension practice and development in Nigeria, African and the World. This is done through regular annual conferences. Every year, presentations from the conferences are peer reviewed and accepted papers collated into the proceedings of the conference. The Society’s journal, the Journal of Agricultural Extension, presents three issues a year (February, June and October). Currently, AESON has two textbooks on the shelve namely: “Agricultural Extension in Nigeria” and “A Guide to Research Methods in Agricultural Extension”. The two textbooks remain important reference material for agricultural extension professionals and students in Universities and other higher institutions of learning throughout the country and beyond.

Welcome to the electronic platform of the only umbrella body for the extensionists in Nigeria!